Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

If you read my post yesterday, you can probably figure that today, oh yeah, I am super thankful that I passed that test!  SUPER thankful.

And today, I'm especially thankful for my little boy.  Today I wasn't rushing him into a nap and praying for him to sleep for at least 2 hours so I could study.  Today I got to enjoy laying down with him, waiting for him to drift off to sleep, kissing his sweet little forehead and reminding myself of the biggest blessing in my life.  And then when he woke up 2 hours-ish later and wanted me to come snuggle in bed with him, I got to do just that, without worrying about how much more cramming I might need to do.  No, we just snuggled and got in another hour of rest.

It was awesome day.