Hello there!

I'm so glad you found me!  Here's a few more details about myself!

Before meeting my husband Chris some years ago, I worked for Uncle Sam, as my husband still does .  Fast forward a few years, add in the privilege of being a full time stay at home mom with our son - I have loved every minute!

Outside of being a mom, I have discovered in the past few years that my true passions lie in two places - the kitchen and the gym.  I'm a baker and fitness enthusiast at heart.  I love making healthy food (and let's be honest, sometimes not so healthy, but everything in moderation) and working out of course!

I love all things fitness related, so much so that I recently became a certified group fitness instructor and am just beginning my journey in the professional fitness world.  I'm also working on obtaining a personal trainer certification.  I love sharing my passion for exercise with others and strive to inspire motivation.