Sunday, April 21, 2013

2 Years Ago.... Can't Believe It

Happy birthday to my baby!  2 years ago, James looked like this:

And then the next year, at age 1, he looked like this:

 And his first cake looked like this:

And this year, at age 2, he looks like this:

Overall, the little guy had a great day.  We enjoyed some family time, he got to go to his favorite store, Trader Joe's, and have cookies, and he got to have his "choo-choo cake" - just imagine the cutest voice ever saying "choo-choo cake".... and he didn't actually eat any cake.  He just kind of licked some of the icing.  And to be fair, the cake that his train cake is made of is awful.  I had a big cake fail on Saturday night and, thinking it might have to do with the recipe, looked for a different one.  Big mistake.  I should have stuck with the Hershey's recipe that I was using, not made the cake in a hurry, and should have been a little more patient to be sure it was fully cooked.  The recipe I used for the cake in the picture is mediocre at best...... BUT, its funny now, and James loves to look at his cake, so its okay.

Oh, my little love, we love you so much more than I thought was humanly possible.  There is nothing in the world we would not do for you, nothing we would not sacrifice for you, and we are better for having you for a son.  We cannot imagine life without our little monster.

Greatest.  Blessing.  Ever.