Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Life Isn't Slowing Down!

And that's a good thing!

Of course at the forefront of my list of things that make me thankful is the successful closing on our first house yesterday!  Our final walk-through the day before went well.  We met the sellers, whom we had spoken to only in email, and they seem like very sweet people - and what a small world, they are moving to a part of Florida that Chris and my-laws lived in for a while!  Closing itself was smooth yesterday, only taking about 20 minutes.

It is amazing to think that we own a home now.  And to really put things in perspective, when we moved here last year, we casually said, let's have a place by August 1, this size, and this price.  God delivered on every single detail.  Actually, He went slightly above because we wanted a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house, and we got a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house.... all in our price range, something that I told Chris was looking fairly impossible.  I told him we needed to scale down our search and be more "realistic."  Jeez, oh ME of little faith!  How many things has the Lord carried us through and delivered us from, and yet I think He couldn't/wouldn't deliver on something so minor as a house!

Work is still exploding for me.  Now, to someone who is used to working a full 40-hour week, my situation wouldn't seem so explosive, but for me, it definitely is!  August is becoming fairly full, and I was just offered a regular weekly class beginning in September - that is an amazing start!  This week I've been attending a few more classes to get ready to teach them next week, and with each class I have attended, my confidence has grown, not in a cocky way, but in a I-can-totally-do-this way.

I'm also very thankful for what is happening with UrbanChurch.  In under 2 months, we will begin the first of many outreach efforts, and will be partnering with Gateway180.  If you are in the St. Louis area (or even if you're not) and you want to be part of something life-changing, get in touch with me.

I think that about sums it up for me this week - your turn!  What are you thankful for today?