Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Runday, the First Week of #Clean30, and Trains!

This week was so busy and the next few weeks are not going to be any different.  But you know what?  I'm so okay with that.  I'm not someone who readily embraces change, but this change is good, and I'm loving it.

I met some great people at work this week - some very sweet instructors who made me feel so welcome.  I also met some people who made me feel far less than great.  The wind in my proverbial sail was completely ripped away on Friday evening.  BUT, it has since made me more determined to do what I set out to do in my fitness career - share my passion with others and help change lives for the better.

I took a full 2 days off after such a crazy week - it used to be rare for me to take even one day off, let alone two!  I have since learned how important rest is.  I'm very happy that I took that extra day, yesterday, to let my body really recover.  I think it paid off because I went for a short run today, a couch-to-5k run, and it was great!  I took James in the jog stroller and Bailie on the leash and went out to a local park that I am really disappointed I have only just now checked out.  Such a nice place.  There were so many runners, walkers, and cyclists out, and the temperature was just shy of 80 degrees, so it wasn't too terrible, even with the humidity.

I'm just shy of completing the first full week of my #clean30 challenge, and I'm excited to tell you that it has gone really well so far.  My absolute favorite thing right now is my fruit, honey, and Greek yogurt mixture that I shared in this post.  It is so refreshing!  I really haven't felt deprived of anything, and I haven't missed certain "old" foods.... Now, talk to me in a couple of weeks when it's Food Truck Friday and I am trying not to partake.... I might not be as pleasant about this then.

Finally, we took James to the Transportation Museum yesterday, which is all about trains!  You would think that, due to James's intense love for all things Thomas the Train, he would have been in Heaven, but NO!  Just the opposite.  He seemed to enjoy the small train ride we went on, but when it came to actually getting on the train exhibits and walking through them, he wanted nothing to do with it.  Maybe seeing the trains up close and in real life was overwhelming, or maybe the fact that the heat and humidity were horrendous yesterday made it less fun.  But, here are a few cute pictures, just because I love showing off my little guy:

Well, friends, time to get ready for another busy-but-great week!  I am beyond excited for this week... we close on our house (can't wait to share pictures with you!), I start subbing a few classes, and life is just all around awesome.  I am humbled at the amazing things happening in our lives, the things happening in the lives of those around me, and supremely grateful for the privilege of experiencing it all and witnessing the Lord at work.  God is good, and God is faithful.

Enjoy your Sunday!