Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

You know how people say that bad things come in threes?

Do you think that's true of good things too?

I shared with you last week that we made an offer on a house that was accepted and that I had some things happening on the job front.  Well, the momentum has not stopped!  Let me start from the beginning.

On Tuesday morning, I got a call that I am definitely being hired at a local YMCA - yes!  I actually have my orientation tonight, so that's quite exciting for me!

Also on Tuesday, I interviewed at another Y, and got the message yesterday that they would like me to go ahead a demo a class for them - obviously I am nervous, but really excited!

Yesterday we had our home inspection.  Wow, as first-time home buyers, you learn a LOT.  You also get excited for things that you could have never imagined being able to find exciting (the furnace is practically brand new? score!).  Thankfully, though there are a few major issues that need to be dealt with, none are deal-breakers and many are things that a certain Papa could probably help us with on his next visit (hey, the man enjoys being handy and we're only happy to oblige, haha).

And speaking of James's Papa, I'm so thankful that I could call him at the drop of a hat when I clogged our garbage disposal.  Thank you Papa!

And finally, I am SUPER thankful for this girl for taking care of James during my job interview and our home inspection.  It really made life much easier.  So grateful!  And it doesn't hurt that James loves her girls.

Oh!  I almost forgot.  I had my second orthopedic follow-up yesterday and have been cut loose from physical therapy.  That's pretty awesome!  I spoke to my physical therapist about it yesterday and we agreed that our time was enjoyable but hopefully we don't have to see each other again in that setting.

I sincerely hope you're having a great week.  Even during the tough times, there is always a light hiding somewhere.  My life has definitely not always been chocolate (I know the phrase is 'peachy', but I like chocolate much better), whether that was because of my own choices or outside forces, but when awesome things happen, you've got to take the time to acknowledge their greatness, and who they come from, big or small.  Have a great day!