Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Official Launch of the SweatGuru!

Over the summer, I applied to be part of an amazing network of inspiring women seeking the fit life, the #sweatpink community.  I was thrilled to become part of a group that believes "real women sweat, and sweat hard."  We are a group of women from all over the country who connect in our corner of the blogosphere, rocking our pink shoelaces, and building each other up through blog connections and real-life meetups.  We all have different goals, we're in different legs of our fitness journeys, but our common denominator is that we are seeking that fit life.

The founders of this awesome community, Jamie and Alyse, wanted also "to create a place where people could discover, book, and pay for fitness classes online and where fitness professionals could grow and manage their business."  And so, SweatGuru was born.  Both women had been fitness consumers, and were becoming fitness professionals.  Having seen both sides of the spectrum, they wanted to make it a little easier on both to manage classes, memberships, payments, etc.  As a fitness professional myself, I can definitely appreciate this!

SweatGuru is launching first in San Francisco (where the company's headquartered), as well as New York and Los Angeles, before launching into other markets.  I'll definitely be looking into using the company!

As a #sweatpink ambassador, I've seen the beta site.  I have to tell you, it looks pretty cool!  (And side note, any bloggers you see talking about this today, including myself, haven't received compensation to say these things.  It's just that cool!)  Take a look at some of the screen shots:

The awesome ladies at FitApproach and SweatGuru have also earned some cred - they took first place at the UC Berkeley Bplan competition, were voted San Francisco's hottest startup, and were the winners of the VatorSplash SF People's Choice Award.

So whether you're a fitness pro, consumer, or both, head over to the SweatGuru and check it all out.

Congratulations on this big day, ladies!  I love being part of the community that you created.
that real women sweat, and sweat hard.
that real women sweat, and sweat hard.