Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

One year ago we had lived in St. Louis for about 10 days.  When we got here, I prayed hard that we would find a place to live quickly and not have to stay in a hotel for longer than 2 weeks.  (Have you ever stayed in a tiny hotel room with a 16-month-old?  Not fun.)

We signed our lease before hitting that 2-week mark.

Then, for the big picture, I prayed that within one year, by August 1 to be exact, we would secure a home purchase.  In case you haven't been around my blog much, we closed on said home on July 24.  And it's not a bare minimum home.  Its a beyond-what-we-could-have-hoped-for home.  It's 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths, has a deck, and is just awesome.

I couldn't figure out my career path.  Then I got the urge to become what I refer to as a professional gym rat.  About 6 months and a certification later, my world has exploded with opportunity.

God is faithful, friends.  Some of my readers may or may not share my spiritual views, but let me tell you this today - God is faithful even when you don't think of yourself as "that" type of person - you know, the one who grew up in church, never strayed from the path of faith, their "worst" sin is getting mouthy with a telemarketer.... not that there's anything wrong with being that person, but when you're NOT that person, you can sure feel on the outs with everyone, especially if you spent any significant amount of time walking, or in my case, running, away from God.  But when you let Him find you again, because He WILL find you, amazing things start happening.  You start to believe in redemption again.  You believe Him that He really does love you and wants to give you the best things.

My point is, I am so thankful for God's faithfulness.  What He places in your heart, I have said many times, He does not let remain unfinished.  How powerful.

Oh, and we have 2 sets of family getting into town today and tomorrow - you better believe I'm thankful for that!