Friday, August 2, 2013

Fit Friday - Balance!

I have had one crazy busy week.

Hold on, let me pull out my soap-box and talk to myself you about the importance of finding balance in a couple aspects of your life.

If you've been around my part of the blogosphere for any amount of time, you know that I recently became a legit group fitness instructor.  Let me just be honest with you and confess that it has been far more physically exhausting than I could have imagined.  Though, part of that exhaustion is due to the fact that I am just not used to doing anything outside of my everyday mommy duties and my hour of daily "me" time working out.  When you go from that as a baseline and into teaching two or sometimes 3 classes on a given day, you do start to wear out.

Thankfully, I have an instructor friend who frequently reminds me not to do too much, or to at least be careful in my planning.  Sometimes if I think about taking on this or that, I think, what would Tammy say?  It helps me make some of my schedule decisions.  So if you find yourself really struggling with over-committing yourself - find your own Tammy to tell you not to do too much.  It will keep you accountable.

The other area of balance I want to discuss is your nutritional lifestyle (notice that I will NOT use the word "diet").  I am almost 3 weeks into my clean eating challenge, and I will tell you that I have not been perfect.  I haven't strayed too much, but you know what?  When I ate that real ice cream last weekend, I enjoyed every last delicious bite, and I didn't feel guilty - because it had been 2 weeks since I had anything so indulgent!  My point is that even if you are trying to maintain a level of strictness with how you're eating, you've got to give yourself a break sometimes.  And don't even call it cheating, because it is NOT cheating.  Even Shaun T doesn't say "cheat" but rather "treat."  And that's what it is - not an everyday kind of thing, but the occasional treat.  Allowing myself to enjoy that ice cream was wonderful, but after that night, I didn't have ridiculous sugar cravings.  I was able to go right back to my mostly clean-eating lifestyle, knowing that I will have a treat again soon, and all will be fine in the world.  No harm done.

My Friday posts used to be very physical-exercise related, but the deeper I have gone into the field of fitness, the more I have realized that fitness is about so much more than how many burpees or how many squat jumps you can do.  It encompasses everything from how you eat to your mental health.  You know how people talk about the 80/20 rule with eating (eat well 80 percent of the time, slack 20 percent)?  It's like that - a truly fit person is really just 20 percent physical exercise, 80 percent everything else.

Just my $.02 anyway.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Stay tuned for a product review coming this weekend!

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