Friday, December 6, 2013

Five for Friday!

A couple rough days here and there, but overall a good week.  Here's the recap:

1. On Monday, my girlfriends and I had a jewelry party... Girl time, shopping, a little wine, and some yummy popcorn - it was a super fun night!  This is what I left with, in rose gold of course:

My locket represents that all you need is faith, family, and chocolate.  Like what you see?  Check out Nikki's page here.  She's such an awesome lady!

2. On Tuesday, I got to go tour my new gym.  I'm so beyond excited.  There are some awesome opportunities coming my way there and I'm so happy about them.

3. On Wednesday night, I was pulling up to the Y to teach my regular PiYo Strength class and saw this!  Made my night (well, that, and the FroYo that Chris and I enjoyed quietly later that night while the kids were sleeping!).

4. My Tuesday/Thursday night crew that I get to teach is just awesome.  They always tell me how much they love their HIIT class, and on Tuesday night they told me that they can tell they're getting stronger and that they love it!  So gratifying!!  That was just wonderful.

5. It snowed last night, and while that does NOT top my list, I DO like that it means Christmas is coming.  I do love Christmas!

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And don't forget to relax this season and let I'm Fit Possible know how you're treating yourself!

What's on your list this week?  Let me know!