Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time for Instructor Confessions!

In my short time thus far in being a group exercise instructor, I have learned a lot - do's, don'ts, the good, the bad, how to avoid burnout, how to say no.... but sometimes there are other truths that need to be shared.

-It's frustrating when you go to sub a class and the participants are upset that the regular instructor isn't there, and yet... I've been guilty of being a less-than-thrilled-about-a-sub participant.  Few of us like change, and I am one of those who detest it.

-I don't like being asked by another instructor or trainer who I certified through.  So far in my experience, that question has only been asked out of competition and I just wanted to remind a specific person that we both were hired to the same place, so what does it matter?

-I really don't like when people stop to put equipment away before we're done with class.... except that I am so guilty of doing this when I take other classes (like BodyPump).... oops!

-I get nervous when another instructor is watching me, unless I know said instructor and we are already friends or friendly acquaintances.

-I hate it when I try to interact with my participants and all I get is..... nothing.  Come on, people, even if you have to fake it, give me something!

-It can be hard to get excited about subbing another class now.  When you're new, you jump on every opportunity.  Then you (if you're me) have a few experiences that show you that sometimes people treat you like they treat a pregnant woman at times - they speak to you with no filter.  And it can really hurt.

-It doesn't bother me so much now, but I used to get really irritated/distracted when people would come to my classes and rarely do anything that I was leading the class through.  Now I've come to understand that there are tons of reasons people will continue to do this, but I couldn't wrap my head around it at first.

-I enjoy it immensely when I say something like, "okay, time for pushups" or "we're moving into 1 minute of burpees!" and people groan.  I love making participants do something that otherwise makes them uncomfortable - that's why you're in my class, people, to get out of your comfort zone!

-I think it's hilarious when someone says, "oh you teach 8 or 9 hours out of the week? you must be able to eat anything you want!".... no, no I cannot.  I am human just like you.  I wish I could, but alas, even an instructor cannot out-exercise a lousy diet.

To finish up the list on a positive note:

-There is nothing better than someone thanking you after class, especially when that gratitude comes from someone you previously thought might not be enjoying your class.  We all like to be appreciated.  Most of us do put a lot of effort and planning into delivering a great class, and a simple thank you is wonderful.

There you have it - my confessions list - what's on yours?