Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thankful Thursday!


This girl!!!!

Do you know her?  Isn't she gorgeous?!

Hopefully, she doesn't kill me for putting her pretty face up on my blog.... she totally has no idea I'm doing this.... hehe.

Her name is Sunny and in the handful of months we have known each other, she's been one of the dearest friends I could hope to have.

And for the record, Sunny, I was totally putting this post together BEFORE you spent your whole afternoon helping to school me on painting AND painting my bathroom with me.

Meet me at the gym?  Sure!  Get together to enjoy good food and drink?  Absolutely!  And of course, come start painting my house?  Well, that was today's afternoon!

To be fair, I have been blessed with more than just one or two very dear friends, but today just felt like a Sunny day as I was thinking things over for my Thankful Thursday post.

Totally thankful for this girl!

And I of course cannot forget how thankful I am for this past Labor Day, and the family that came with it.  My mother- and father-in-law, and Chris's aunt, uncle, and cousin came to visit and it was just wonderful.  Chris's dad and uncle are two men who love to do work around the home, and my goodness did they do work!  They organized, fixed things, mounted a TV, got us a lawnmower and a grill.... it's a long list!  Words, much less my little blog post, can never express how grateful I am to them.  They really helped started making this house into a home.

What about you?  What/Who are you thankful for lately?