Friday, March 22, 2013

Fit Friday - Jillian's Workout

I have to be honest about something.  I have not always been a fan of Jillian Michaels.  Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way.  I envisioned her helping people on the Biggest Loser, and then abandoning them to a life of being afraid of food and not being able to cope with their new healthful lifestyle.

Then I saw her on Rachael Ray (and you all know that I love Rachael), and I felt differently about Jillian.  She's a mom now, and seems like a much more, I don't know, real person.  She just seemed different, and I have to say, the lady practices what she preaches.  She is fit and strong, but does she rock a 6-pack?  No, and neither do I?  Will I ever?  Probably not, and I'm cool with that.  I like ice cream (the good kind, you know what I mean).

So Jillian, if you ever read this random blog, not that you need it from me, but I totally respect you and I realized something - when it comes to fitness, we can never make everyone happy, and the fact that you can have a platform and get people off their booties and moving is paramount in a very sedentary world.  I hope I can take my love of fitness and help others in the same say to push themselves into a realm that they never thought possible, and along the way, help them realize that they can love taking care of themselves.

So check out this workout of Jillian's from  It consists of 8 exercises, each 1 minute long, maximum reps, and then you repeat it.  I of course said, what?  16 minutes?  That's it?  Let me tell you, they are 16 minutes well-spent.  The only exercise I did differently was the very last one - I changed it to a plank pushup into side-plank.  Check out the line-up, and look at the link for clarifications on my descriptions:

Up and Over's (or side-to-side floor hops if you do Insanity)
-Start in plank position and alternate jumping your feet side to side, knees bent.  Imagine a ball under your knees in your plank and you are jumping over it.

Jump Kicks
-alternate kicking each leg, right then left, and add a hop if you want/can

Abs Sprawl (like in-and-outs on P90X)
-sit with your back at a 45-degree angle, knees in to your chest.  As you straighten out your legs, lower your upper body, arms out, until you are a few inches off the floor.  Go back to start position and repeat.

Ready, Set, Go
-imagine being in the starting blocks on the track.  The leg that is extended behind you, bring it in to tap the heel that is by your hand.  Return to set position and repeat.  Make sure to brace your core and don't lean your knees out over your toes.

Plank Punch
-so easy, but you will feel it!  Start in plank position, then alternate punching arms out in line with your forehead.  Hold your stomach in super tight and try to rock your body as little as possible.

Pop Up
-start in plank position and then jump up to a squat position.

Lateral Burpee
-just like a normal burpee, but jump your feet out to the side.  Make sure to keep your core tight and knees and feet together.  (and check out this post for more info on burpees!)

Pushup into Side Plank
-do a pushup, then transition into a side-plank.  Return to start position, do a pushup, then side-plank on the other side.  Continue alternating.

Think you're done?  NOPE!  Take a few breaths, get a drink, and do it all again!  You might think you can't, but I assure you, YOU CAN!

I've really been enjoying sharing workouts with you that I've done and loved.  Next week, I will be sharing something original with you.  I will write an original workout as if I'm planning for a class.  Get ready!

I am also very close to being ready to take my certification test for group fitness instruction - VERY exciting!  So, I thought it would be appropriate to go ahead and start putting some workouts together.  I have been very lucky that James has been taking marathon naps, which has allowed me some quality study time.  My goal was to be ready by the end of March, and that's coming fast, but I think I'm going to meet that goal.  I'm admittedly nervous (ever since grad school application time years ago and the evil GRE, I have horrendous test anxiety), but it says in the Bible that God will not let the good work He began in you go unfinished, so I am praying that this dream of mine is really His, and that He will be with me.  I could certainly use your prayers too!

All right people, its Friday, yay!  Let's get our workout on!  Body Pump with me, anyone, in 40 minutes?  On Monday, I did the entire new biceps track for the first time - it was awesome.

Have a great weekend!!

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