Friday, April 26, 2013

Fit Friday - Insanity!

Happy Friday!

I really wanted to share something with you today from the workout realm because I know I've been lacking lately.  And since it seems that my knee is progressively getting better and better each day, I think I'm going to be okay to push forward with my Insanity training in 2 weeks (but yikes! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a bit terrified nervous!).

Here is a link to for 6 of the cornerstone moves from the Insanity Program.  The idea is that you do each move for 1 movement, and then rest for 60 seconds after the entire set, then repeat this twice.  I would recommend at least a light 5-minute warmup before you get started.

Yes, Insanity is more of an athletic-based program, though it is true that people with no fitness baseline have begun and successfully completed the program, which is awesome.  It will force you to "dig deep" as Shaun T likes to say, and find strength you never knew you had, and its one of the most empowering workouts I have ever completed.  After completing the entire program a couple of times, I can tell you that I am considerably stronger than where I was pre-Insanity.  Pushups on my knees?  Forget that!  This mama does real pushups!  Not that there's anything wrong with knees-down pushups if that's where you're at, I'm just saying that you really can build so much strength in just drawing on your body weight, which is a plus of Insanity - no equipment needed, just yourself.

All of that said, there are some moves in the program that are not for beginners, or anyone with certain joint limitations.  But, say you don't feel comfortable doing the diamond or power jumps - do some burpees instead.  You'll still work your entire body, and burpees are no joke.

Anyway, that's it for me today - I plan to be back in full swing next week.  I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend - picnic tomorrow with awesome people who are going to make this happen, and NOT having to plan for a marathon study session at Starbucks.  Then I will hit the ground running putting myself "out there" next week and then waiting to see where my new certification takes me - I'm excited!

Do you have plans for the weekend?  Enjoy it, people!